NetPenguin:  Thepenguinmaster's Sign Server


What it is:

NetPenguin is a project started to assist in the testing of Symon Netbrite signs. NetPenugin can be used to send text to a sign, manage zones, and eventually configure a signs management settings. NetPenguin currently supports second generation signs attached over an ehternet connection.

NetPenguin is currently in the first release and is offered as a non-commercial testing solution for Netbrite signs. Multiple signs can be tested by adding to the servers config file. This allows for easy sign management. NetPenguin is currently available free of charge and without warrenty or garuentee. The source code is not currently available until a future release.


What it is not:

NetPenguin should not be used for commercial use, and is not made to compete with the official software released by Symon. If you would like to use your signs in a commercial setting you may visit the official Symion site HERE.

Project info:

The NetPenguin server is a side project I have been working on for some time. The sofware is verified as working with a few different models of sign. If you have any questions feel free tom contact me at penguin@thepenguinmastercom

I have plans to setup a support forum. This is coming soon.


NetPenguin is currently released for windows only. I am in the process of porting the solutiuon to java and C, but the current version is only support Windows systems.

- Windows Vista/7

-.NET framework 4.0

- Second Generation Symon netbrite sign

- Network connection to sign



Please test the program before contributing



NetPenuin-Server_1.0B First revision of the sign server. Requires .Net framework 3.5. Platform independent version and source code coming soon. Also note that this is beta release and not all features are functional. There are some bugs that are still being worked out. The program features a basic GUI and settings are changed in an XML file that is created in the C drive after first run.
NetPenguin-Server 10.B_src Sourcecode at SourceForge
NetPenguin-Server 10.B_src Sourcecode Direct Download